Could it be true that we, as imperfect humans, fall into thinking and acting in ways that cause us and our world difficult problems?

A possible list of problems includes:

  • Selfishness – what I want counts more than what you may want/need
  • Neglect of the earth and natural resources, pollution
  • Inhumanity of man – slavery, genocide
  • Violence/war rather than peace/gentleness
  • Poverty – Hunger, Homelessness, Joblessness, lack of affordable housing
  • Prejudice against people based on race, country or group of origin, religion, gender, sexual preference, beliefs
  • Privilege – life is different/better for richer/whiter people rather than poorer/browner people
  • Class systems, economic injustice – some people are at a disadvantage due to income level and this is difficult to reverse; sometimes economic differences can last generations. People at the top are sometimes not too interested or motivated to help the people below them climb up.
  • Crime, prison systems – we jail people of color at a higher rate than white people; some people are incarcerated unjustly (court system not always fair to the poor/minorities). It’s hard for released prisoners to survive on the outside – not enough help for them, so sometimes they end up back in prison.
  • Unequal legal system – legal representation/ justice may be different depending on income, race
  • Unequal access to quality education
  • Disease
  • Lack of hope, optimism, enthusiasm for a better life

There’s no doubt more problems than these. Please think of some good solutions! The world may get better as a result of your good thinking, writing, artwork or action!