Our Pastor

Rev. Yung Me Suh Morris was ordained and installed as pastor of Heritage Presbyterian Church on June 12, 2016. She is a first generation Korean American who has had to navigate and code-switch between two cultures all her life. Together with her family, she emigrated from Seoul, South Korea and grew up moving back and forth between Chicago, IL and New York, NY. She earned her B.A. and M.A. in Education Ministries from Wheaton College and earned her M.Div. from San Francisco Theological Seminary.

Throughout high school and college, Pastor Yung Me volunteered and worked with at risk immigrant youth and young adults. She spent a gap year in college living with and ministering to former addicts in a religious based rehabilitation facility. At the urging of her church leaders and years later, her Presbyterian pastors, she considered whether God was calling her to a vocation in ministry. She accepted what she discerned as an invitation to “follow” God though there was no promise of a destination. She has been imperfectly following and arguing with God ever since.

After graduating seminary, Pastor Yung Me was the transitional minister for St. Luke Presbyterian Church in San Rafael, CA and with the street homeless in Napa Valley with Community Action of Napa Valley; again navigating two very different worlds and cultures.

Among her diverse interests, Pastor Yung Me is a certified deep tissue massage and acupressure therapist. She dances Zumba and Hip Hop at her local YMCA, has taught kickboxing, and on occasions, will surprise the congregation by performing a one person play or singing special music.

Pastor Yung Me and her spouse, Morgan, have three children (two adult-ish and one middle-schooler), and three miniature poodles in Pleasant Hill, CA where they have lived since 2000.