Mission Projects

The members of Heritage Presbyterian church are known throughout this Presbytery for their generosity.  They give of their time and their money, to local and more distant mission projects.

Mission in Action:

DSC_0008St. Paul’s Wednesday Night Community Dinner: On the third Wednesday of each month, members of our church plan, prepare, and serve dinner to everyone, who comes to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church that evening, seeking a hot meal.  The meal is free.  After serving the meal, our members clean up the kitchen leaving St. Paul’s kitchen and hall in the same or better condition than when we arrived.  An average of fifteen volunteers participates in this ministry.

Select members of our congregation have been trained in safe food handling.  Designated members are authorized to go to the Food Bank and select food, which supports the planned menu.  Other food is also selected and made available to those in need.

We rely on individual donations, the food received from the local Food Bank, and a grant from the Presbytery of the Redwoods Hunger Task Force to expand our ministry beyond what our budget supports.

Adopt-a-Family through Community Action Council (CAC): At Thanksgiving and Christmas, CAC provides us with the names and contact information for several families and older adults who need assistance.  At Thanksgiving, Christmas and occasionally Easter, we provide these people boxes of staples, as well as, some specialty foods, which are intended to brighten their holidays.  At Christmas, members of our congregation provide both food and gifts.  (The gift suggestions are based on recommendations from CAC.)

PresbCoffeeProjectLogoFair Trade Coffee: The Fair Trade Coffee program has been set up to ensure farmers earn a fair wage.  One member of our church has taken on the responsibility for maintaining the inventory of Fair Trade Coffee and related items.  Coffee, tea, olive oil, and chocolates are available for purchase every Sunday.  For more information about how the fair trade mission project helps ensure small farmers around the globe earn a living wage, visit equalexchange.coop/fair-trade.


Cancer caps knit by members

Cancer Caps:  Several women of the church enjoy knitting.  They have begun making caps for people undergoing chemo-therapy.  The caps are collected and delivered to local hospitals.  Recently, we delivered over 160 caps.

SafeQuest: SafeQuest is a safe haven for victims of domestic violence, who were forced to leave their homes immediately with little or no preparation or supplies.  We encourage our members to collect unused toiletries from their hotel stays. We bag the toiletries into packages, which can be given to a single person, and provide those packages to the SafeQuest distribution center in Fairfield.  We also have various campaigns during the year, collecting paper goods, kitchen supplies, or sweat clothes for those who seek shelter at SafeQuest.

Food Barrel: We maintain a barrel in Heritage Hall, where our members and others using the hall donate non-perishable food items, which are collected regularly and delivered to the Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano.

Mission Trips: Our congregation likes to be hands on.  For several years, we sent teams to Mexico to help other churches build their church and/or help members of their congregation.  When disaster struck our country, two members of our congregation spent time during two summers, helping in the effort to rebuild the area around the Gulf.  More recently, we have sent a team, including several of our youth members to Covelo, a small remote community in Northern California, with a strong Native American presence.  This has been done for several years.  Initially, we helped fix problem areas around their church, and we later helped make life better for members of the community.  In addition to the manual labor, our teams provided breakfast and vacation Bible school for the young children in the area.  Through these mission trips, we have formed close relationships with people in the community.

June 2010 Mission Trip to Covelo, CA

June 2010 Mission Trip to Covelo, CA